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Prevent flood damage & land erosion

Having oceanfront property in the Maritimes comes with some challenges.  Amongst them is the threat of damage to your property by high waters.  At Clearview Trucking & Excavation, we can help you prevent this from happening and maintain your property's value.  By constructing seawalls made of rocks, we make the choice to be environmentally conscientious while protecting your investment when you use Clearview Trucking for your shoreline protection project.  On top of flooding your property and potentially your home, high water can also increase the amount of land erosion on your property's borders and landscape.  A sea wall represents the best possible natural barrier between land and sea to help keep your property line intact. 

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Protect your property from storm surges and rising tides.  We can construct and maintain your waterfront protection, reinforce or repair your existing protection.

For more information about our sea wall construction services, shoreline protection, breakwater or waterfront protection services, please contact us today.

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